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    Present yourself professionally to the world. With our EPK best practices you will have all the essential information needed for success.

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    Want an even deeper look into the world of music publishing? Watch our webinars and download vital resources to help you better understand music publishing.

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    Lyric Sheet

    Find out what a Lyric Sheet is and how you can use it to pitch your songs in an organized format.

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    Want to stay up-to-date with what's going on in the music industry? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for everything you need to know.

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    Royalty Estimator

    Estimate your potential earnings for your actual streams for the most popular streaming sites.

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    Songtrust vs. Traditional Terms

    Seven reasons why Songtrust is your best option to collect all your global music royalties.

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    Songwriter Checklist

    You have written a song now what? We have got the best songwriter's checklist for to make sure that you have prepared all the elements for success.

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    Split Sheet

    Get your fair share of royalties, along with your fellow songwriters by establishing your music publishing splits.

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    The Modern Guide to Music Publishing

    Learn all the facets of music publishing from music rights as a songwriter, artist, band member or producer to how to earn royalties with our downloadable guide.

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