• Checklist

    Creator Royalty Checklist

    Understand the four steps every creator should take to ensure they are fully covered for global royalty collection

  • Packet


    Present yourself professionally to the world. With our EPK best practices you will have all the essential information needed for success.

  • Packet

    Lyric Sheet

    Find out what a Lyric Sheet is and how you can use it to pitch your songs in an organized format.

  • Packet

    Music Manager Packet

    Understand the role and responsibilities that a music manager entails and learn what important questions to ask when looking at adding a music manager to your team.

  • Checklist

    Networking Checklist

    Learn the importance of doing prior research, strategizing how you display your contact information, and perfecting your "pitch" with this industry networking checklist.

  • Checklist

    Publishing Checklist

    Know the important questions to ask before signing any publishing deal or agreement so you can better prepared to negotiate on your behalf and not fall prey to complicated publishing deal terms.

  • Checklist

    Setlist Checklist

    Ensure you are collecting all your performance royalties generated off your compositions in relation to live performances with this checklist.

  • Checklist

    Song Registration Checklist

    Understand the important information and steps you must take in order to properly register your songs for global royalty collection including important metadata.

  • Checklist

    Songwriter Checklist

    You have written a song now what? We have got the best songwriter's checklist for to make sure that you have prepared all the elements for success.

  • Packet

    Split Sheet

    Get your fair share of royalties, along with your fellow songwriters by establishing your music publishing splits.

  • eBook

    The Modern Guide to Music Publishing

    Learn all the facets of music publishing from music rights as a songwriter, artist, band member or producer to how to earn royalties with our downloadable guide.

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