The Sync Crash Course

Learn the ins and outs of sync licensing, sync deals, and how to collect your sync royalties from music publishing experts.

What you'll get

Register now for our curated content series - including blog articles, videos, downloadable resources, and access to a FREE invite-only, on-demand webinar led by music publishing experts. Learn everything you need to know about sync licensing, to become your best promoter and set yourself up for success!

Topics include:

  • An introduction to Sync Licensing.
  • An overview of what to expect from a Sync Licensing Agreement.
  • The types of sync placements and how to collect their residual royalties.
  • Instructions on find sync deals and the ways sync houses can help.
  • A comprehensive on-demand webinar about Sync Licensing & Publishing Royalties.
ICONS Video type of sync placements


ICONS_Games type of sync placement in Songtrust's sync crash course


ICONS_Podcasts type of sync placement in Songtrust's sync crash course


Grow your music career with sync placements

Go beyond Spotify and TikTok. Songs are used in movies, games, and even podcasts. There are so many sync placement opportunities that can make revenue - but how do you get started? We'll give you tips on how to land sync opportunities, get sync deals, become your most effective promoter, and set yourself up to collect all the sync revenue you're due!

Tap into international success with syncs

Soundtracks can open the doors to new global markets, fans, and career-changing exposure. Sign up for the Sync Crash Course to join our invite-only, on-demand Sync Licensing Webinar, where publishing experts teach you how to position yourself for international success, common mistakes to avoid, and important steps to maximize your royalties. You don’t want to miss this!

Amon Tobin testimonial about sync placements in Songtrust's sync crash course

“Getting music placed in films and commercials frees me to make music that isn’t commercial by nature. That’s incredibly important because it makes an uncompromised art form sustainable where it might otherwise not be.”

Amon Tobin - Songtrust Client

Brazilian Electronic Musician, Composer and Producer

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