How Global Royalty Collection Really Works

Learn how PROs, CMOs, and publishers collect royalties worldwide and how this system impacts independent musicians like you!

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Collecting publishing royalties worldwide can be costly and time-consuming for independent artists. If you own songs with international streams, then join our new, on-demand webinar, "Removing The Borders On Global Royalty Collection," where our publishing experts explain the global collection system, challenges songwriters encounter when collecting international royalties (even with a PRO), and how Songtrust publishing administration helps to maximize the royalties you earn at home and abroad.

Jeremy Miller testimonial doubled royalties with Songtrust

“I am able to live off just my royalties alone now! I was collecting money prior to my Songtrust situation, but it was only income from my PRO and a few YouTube videos. My international royalties have increased and I collect from all sources now, not just YouTube...I would not be able to produce music and run my own publishing company without Songtrust's help.”

Jeremy Miller

Music Producer and Songwriter

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