The Global Music Royalties Checklist

Whether you’re a music composition owner, a recording artist/owner, or both, understand the steps you need to take to collect all the revenue your songs earn around the world.

Maximize Royalties for Song Recordings and Compositions

When it comes to music royalty collection, it's important to remember there are two halves of a song — the sound recording and the composition (its underlying lyrics, beat, and melody). Both earn distinct royalties whenever a song is distributed or played publicly. Our free checklist outlines the four steps copyright owners should take to collect all their music royalties and answers to frequently asked questions.

Two Halves of A Song + Composition Breakdown
Two Halves of a Song w- Composition Breakdown (Mobile) Update

What Are Some of the Ways My Songs Can Earn Royalties?

Songs have the potential to generate royalties through diverse channels, including digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, radio airplay on both traditional and online stations, TV and film placements, live performances at concerts or festivals, sales of physical copies and digital downloads, sync licensing opportunities in advertisements or video games, and more. But don’t forget, royalties don’t automatically find their way to you! You need to proactively set yourself up with specific entities so that your royalties can make their way to you, the copyright owner.

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Explore crucial topics in-depth, including:

  • The types of royalties you should be collecting, whether you’re a recording owner, a publishing owner, or both
  • What societies or entities are responsible for collecting which royalties
  • What steps you need to take (and in what order) for global royalty collection
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