Traditional Publisher

Deal Length

Cancel at any time after 1 year
3+ years


Pays 4x per year
Pays only 2x per year


Registered only the songs you want Songtrust to represent
Give publisher 25-50% of your copyright for life


Keep 100% of your copyright
Generally required to register all of your songs written prior to or during the term

Sync Rights

Control your sync rights
Give up sync rights for publisher to exclusively license

Sync Fees

Retain 100% of your sync fees you negotiate
Locked into fixed term


Leave anytime after your first year
Varying percentage of all royalty streams including upwards of 50% of sync licenses

What It Costs


one-time registration fee per Songtrust writer


royalty commission

Have more than 100 songs and/or 30 writers?
Drop us a line and we'll walk you through bulk registration.Register Now