We charge a one-time, $100 fee per songwriter. Not annual, not per-release - one time. Why do we charge an upfront fee?


You keep 85% of the royalties we collect on your behalf. We charge a 15% administration fee.

12 months

While you can cancel your Songtrust account anytime, we continue to collect on any songs you deliver to us while you’re a Songtrust member for 12 months.


Songtrust allows you to register only those songs you want us to administer. We don’t require you to deliver your full catalog.

Sync & Creative

Songtrust takes no creative control of your songs, so you and your team can make the decisions that are right for you. And Songtrust doesn’t take any commission on your sync licenses. 


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What Does Songtrust Do That My PRO Doesn't Do?

Your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) collects performance royalties in its home territory. While they are able to collect international royalties, they do so through reciprocal deals with foreign PROs which often result in delayed registrations, if the songs are able to get registered at all. This can also cause delayed and incomplete royalty statements from foreign territories.

We register your works directly with PROs around the world in order to collect your royalties directly from the territories in which they were generated. This helps you get paid quicker, and receive more detailed royalty statements.

In addition, your PRO does not collect mechanical royalties generated from sales/streams. We are affiliated with mechanical collection societies and directly with some digital services in order to collect your mechanical royalties internationally.

Check out a current list of our global collection list here

I Already Use a Distributor, Can I Still Use Songtrust?

If you've written your songs, then you need both.

Songtrust is not a distributor. It’s a publishing administrator — a one-stop shop for monetizing your publishing rights and meeting your royalty collection needs when it comes to compositions (song lyrics and melody). Songtrust represents your rights as a songwriter.

Labels and distributors like Distrokid and CD Baby represent your rights as the recording owner. They make sure your music is available on popular DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music. Unless you’ve reached a specific publishing agreement with them, distributors typically pay royalties based on your ownership of a recording, not the composition itself.

So to make sure your music is available at streaming services around the world, you need a distributor. And to make sure you're collecting publishing royalties earned by your songs when they're streamed, played live, played on broadcast or internet radio, and more - you need Songtrust.

How Far Back Can You Collect My Royalties?

It depends on past deals and individual societies.

Most of the collection societies and other pay sources that we collect from are able to collect royalties as far back as two or three years. Some more, some less. We make no guarantees about retroactive payouts, however, as they depend on individual societies and any deals you may have struck with publishers in the past. 

The most surefire way to earn retroactive royalties is to add all of your titles on Songtrust with the correct co-writers and splits, along with any related ISRC/recording information.

If we successfully collect your retroactive royalties, this payment will most likely come two or three quarters after your first royalty statement from Songtrust. For example, if your first royalty statement from Songtrust was in the first quarter, then you can expect to see retroactive money start coming in during the second and third quarter of the same year.

Can Songtrust Collect My YouTube Royalties?

When it comes to compositions, yes.

Songtrust offers YouTube monetization on behalf of your compositions as part of our worldwide publishing administration services. 

Upon registration, you are automatically opted into YouTube monetization. Please note that Songtrust can only help monetize your compositions. If you own your sound recordings (masters), you'll need a distributor/label/third party to help monetize them on your behalf.

Once you add songs into your account with at least one ISRC, we automatically deliver them to YouTube's Content ID system. When YouTube locates a video that matches the metadata we provided, it automatically claims the video for us.  

If you come across any videos with 10,000 views or more that are using your music and we have not already claimed, please submit them in the Manual Claims section under YouTube in your Songtrust account. These claims are then reviewed and confirmed by the Songtrust team once they have met YouTube’s monetization eligibility requirements.

How Often Do You Pay My Royalties?

Songtrust distributes royalties quarterly once you have earned a $5 minimum. These payments are processed via Payoneer on or before the last day of the following months: March, June, September, and December. 

Your Performance Rights Organization (PRO) is responsible for your songwriter’s share of royalties. It’s typically sent as a direct check one quarter prior to your Songtrust payment, which covers the publisher’s share.

Check out Songtrust’s full payment schedule here.

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