Songtrust, a Downtown Company, is the industry's most accessible music publishing administration platform for music creators and businesses at all stages of their careers.







Songtrust administers over 4M songs for more than 445,000 songwriters, businesses, and rights holders around the world. We monitor, register, and collect publishing royalties from 65 global pay sources, providing access to the majority of the world's music market in over 240 countries and territories on behalf of our clients. Songtrust's mission is to build a better music business by educating and empowering music creators to manage their royalties directly without giving up any of their rights.

Our Teams

  • Once you’ve joined Songtrust, added your songwriter information, and added songs to your account, this information is added to an internal database designed to handle massive amounts of data. The Copyright Team is the first stop for your information. One of their primary functions is to format, repackage, and send out composition data to music societies for global registration. These societies receive the data and send back acknowledgment (or “ACK”) files. Their crucial work ensures that your song data makes it to all of our pay sources around the world where your song is actively earning royalties.

  • Once Songtrust receives royalties, the pay source statements need to be processed which includes reconciliation, ingestion, matching, and calculation to Songtrust clients. Since royalty data comes from so many pay sources globally, we receive it in numerous different formats. In many cases, it must be reformatted prior to matching it to songs in Songtrust’s internal database of over 3 million works. Our Royalties Team processes all of this income data in order to get it to the correct works and ultimately paid to our clients.

  • To ensure that our clients collect all the royalties they are due, Songtrust proactively works to pinpoint potential issues or gaps that would prevent or lower the payment of royalties within our global network of pay sources. This is where the Income Tracking team comes in – Their focus is to maximize the amount of royalties paid to Songtrust clients by taking a hands-on approach to collecting any outstanding revenue that may be due.

    The Income Tracking team thoroughly reviews the royalty distributions sent by our pay sources, as well as performs case-by-case analyses if we suspect royalty earnings are short. We also utilize modern cloud based data tools to support our tracking efforts. If an income tracking analysis uncovers any payment gaps, the team will submit claims to the payor to recover the missing revenue.

  • Our services are only half the solution to accessible music publishing administration – the other half is our technology! The Product Team works diligently to build and implement new product features and improvements to the Songtrust platform. They ensure internal teams have access to what they need to do their jobs efficiently, and work directly with the Marketing and Client Services teams to identify opportunities where improvements can be made.

  • The Client Services Team is here to provide account support to our clients. They maintain our Help Center which houses over 400+ articles, ensuring frequently asked questions have clear and concise answers and that our clients can troubleshoot issues quickly. For more specific account needs, our Support Form allows clients to connect with our team and receive thorough and timely assistance. Most importantly, the Client Services team works closely with other internal teams to share feedback from clients and identify opportunities to improve the overall client experience.

  • Our Marketing Team is responsible for content creation, education, and maintaining industry partnerships and events. They maintain our various social media accounts and website and work to create accessible resources to educate our community about music and publishing. They work closely with the Client Services team, and industry partners, to develop a cohesive and engaging client experience.

One Simple, Secure, and Easy-To-Use Online Platform

Monitoring and collecting your royalties from around the world is a full-time job. Songtrust does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our user-friendly software and dashboard allow you to quickly add your songs in one place and track all your publishing royalties at a glance so you can stay in the loop and focus on your next masterpiece.

Songtrust® is a registered service mark of ST Music LLC, which is owned and operated by Downtown Music Holdings. Learn more about Downtown.