Every country in the world pays 
song royalties differently. 
Welcome to music publishing.

Songtrust is a global music publishing administrator used by songwriters all over the world to collect the royalties that their songs earn. See how we do it here.

We register your songs directly with collection sources in every country and territory where they’re being played. Doing this yourself would be a full-time job: not only registering your songs with dozens of sources around the world, but also tracking down your royalties with each of them.

When you simplify your administrative work with Songtrust, you can spend more time making music.

Who Needs a
Publishing Administrator?

If you have collaborated on the song creation process, you are a songwriter. Whether you’re writing alone with a piano or in the studio with a crowd; whether you’re a beatmaker, a producer, a topliner, or a band member; if you’ve got songwriting credit on songs that have been or will be released, you’re a songwriter who needs a music publishing administrator.

What is
Music Publishing?

The term “music publishing” refers to all the rights that songwriters have for their songs - like the right to publicly perform a song, e.g. on the radio or live in concert, and the right to reproduce a song, e.g. streaming or on vinyl. In order to collect all the royalties you earn from these uses, you need someone like Songtrust to register your compositions, license your rights, and collect the royalties you earn.

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