Modern Music Publishing Demands an Easier Way to Track Songs

Music publishing refers to the money you make when people or businesses use your original, copyrighted music. Today, when your song is streamed, your recorded performance is played in a bar, or a cover of your song is used as background music in a YouTube video, royalties are being earned.

We created Songtrust to help you easily capture publishing revenues across music distribution methods, anywhere in the world. Our team has decades of experience in traditional publishing that we draw on to help you handle complex licensing issues among other exceptional situations.

Creator-Centered and Digitally Driven


Music Publishing for Everyone

You deserve to know what royalties you’re entitled to, and you deserve to collect those royalties without hassle. With Songtrust, anyone from anywhere can access what they’re due.

Online, Self-Service Platform

With a few clicks, you can register a song with multiple societies all over the globe. Register a song just once, and we’ll automatically manage the administration of music publishing assets, performing rights, and digital licensing.

Your Royalties, Your Rights

You can keep 100 percent of the rights to your songs and tap into a consistent revenue stream from publishing royalties. With Songtrust, you always maintain control of your work.

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How It Works


Traditional Publisher


Pays 4x per year
Pays only 2x per year

Song Delivery

Songs are typically inspected and sent the same week (as long as other paperwork is done)
Monthly or quarterly shipments when they find time

Direct Licensing

Cuts out middleman that add delays from payments by going direct
Rely on 3rd parties that add delays

Direct Affiliations

Directly affiliated with over 50 societies around the world
Rely on sub publishers and reciprocal deals adding up to 2+ years to see royalties

Sync Fees

You keep all the front-end, we help you collect only the back-end performance royalties
Take a % of all syncs front-end and back-end

Access what you're due!



Why We're Different


Singular Focus

With more than 85 people globally, our team’s goal is to make global music publishing administration available to anyone, anywhere. Songtrust offers songwriters, creators, and businesses the ability to collect worldwide publishing royalties with a professional global administration network.


Expert Team

Led by more than 85 experts in music publishing, our team is passionate about putting songwriters first. We’re always available to guide you through the steps to connect your songs with what you’re owed.


Reliable Partner

Over the years, we’ve maintained successful relationships with more than 350,000 songwriters and tens of thousands of publishers because we offer complete transparency into royalty collection and income tracking. Songtrust is a member of music industry trade associations A2IM, AIMP, AFEM, and supports the mission of the MMF UK, MMF US, NSAI, The PRS Foundation’s Keychange initiative, among many others.


Industry Credibility

350,000+ songwriters and 3,000,000+ songs: The industry trusts us because we make it simple for our members to collect royalties from dynamic revenue streams and control 100 percent of the rights to their songs.


Adaptable Platform

As the music industry inevitably changes, we change with it, ensuring we capture new platforms where your song is being used. You access new revenue channels with no additional effort.


"Every aspiring professional musician needs a dedicated and attentive team when it comes to collecting global publishing royalties. I'm pleased with Songtrust's excellent customer service and was impressed at how quickly they started collecting royalties on my behalf.”

Songtrust client since 2016

Benefiting First-Time Publishers and Industry Veterans

Collecting global royalties and keeping your rights: We focus on the two things songwriters and business entities care about most. Whether you’re switching platforms or publishing for the first time, Songtrust is your partner for powering your songs and accessing what you’re due.


Streamlined Publishing Process

Take control of your publishing without additional work. Songtrust automates administration so you can focus on your work. Unlike traditional publishing deals, creators keep 100 percent of the rights to their songs.

More Money, Faster

While you wait to sign a larger deal, you can maximize your songwriting and publishing royalties. You get accurate song performance tracking and more frequent payouts compared to other solutions.

Smarter Business Decisions

Automate back-office work and arm yourself with the data and analytics needed to make objective decisions. Songtrust can easily integrate into your existing workflow and service offerings, help you collect mechanical royalties from labels on physical and download sales, and generate income for niche songs that don’t fit conventional publishing agreements.

Complete Global Royalty Collection

Songtrust automatically registers your songs with more than 60 performance, mechanical, and digital societies, covering 95 percent of income-generating territories. Our direct relationships help you avoid sub-publishing fees and collect more accurately, more quickly.

Low Pricing, Flexible Terms

Reduce operating expenses with a low cost for membership and ongoing administration and use. Songtrust allows you to quickly start earning revenue with the flexibility to leave after only a year.

Easy, Really Easy

It’s easy to register your account, easy to add songs, and easy to get the support you need from our team of experts. Register only the songs you want Songtrust to represent, control your sync rights, and leave anytime after the first year.

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Collect royalties from your songs while keeping 100 percent of the rights.

Songwriter Reps

Open new direct revenue streams for your clients’ existing and unsigned songs.


Get the insights and data you need to make objective business decisions.


Ensure your students know their rights and can navigate the music industry.

Access what you’re due.