Who Needs a Publishing Administrator?

If you have collaborated on the song creation process, you are a songwriter. Whether you’re writing alone with a piano or in the studio with a crowd; whether you’re a beatmaker, a producer, a topliner, or a band member; if you’ve got songwriting credit on songs that have been or will be released, you’re a songwriter who needs a music publishing administrator. Learn more about the ways Songtrust can work for creators and for businesses.

What is Music Publishing?

The term “music publishing” refers to all the rights that songwriters have for their songs - like the right to perform a song publicly (e.g. on the radio, or at a concert venue), and the right to reproduce a song (in a physical form or on a streaming service). In order to collect all the royalties you earn when services and organizations around the world use your music, you need someone to register your compositions, license your rights, and collect the royalties you earn.

Get our Modern Guide to Music Publishing to understand more about your rights as a songwriter and how Songtrust can help.

This is where Songtrust comes in.

While you could administer your rights individually, by signing up with and registering your songwriting shares directly with collection sources in every territory around the world where your song is being used, it would take hours upon hours, not only to register in the first place, but to track down your royalties with dozens of sources. Songtrust makes it possible to ensure your songs are registered with pay sources around the world.

Who uses Songtrust?

Songtrust powers publishing administration for over 350,000 clients, representing over 3 million songs. We work with everyone from established, Grammy-nominated writers and producers, to boutique publishers looking for a global solution, to music creators who are just starting out in their career and want to make sure they’re all set for collections.



See what some of our clients have to say about Songtrust:

“I discovered Songtrust about 4 years ago. I had a few clients asking about how to collect their "Youtube" royalties and they trusted me with finding the answers. Songtrust was the answer!”

Tami LaTrell
Songtrust client since 2017

"Songtrust is one of the most important assets for any songwriter, artist, or producer when it comes to collecting royalties. Their platform was built with the creator in mind which is key whether you’re making music in a bedroom or on the charts."

Kato On The Track
Songtrust client since 2018

"The Songtrust team are a joy to work with. Welcoming, friendly, and supportive every step of the way. They're a team who are very passionate about the music and rights of songwriters and go above and beyond to educate, too."

Emma McGann
Songtrust client since 2018

“The officers of the company took time to explain the many moving parts of the administration of compositions, and I was won over by their professionalism and dedication to empowering songwriters.”

Akinyemi Ayinoluwa
Songtrust client since 2019

"There is so much to learn with publishing and it is very confusing. I followed a path of many different agreements, learning as much as I could, and trusting someone who took me under their wing and led me to Songtrust."

Gloria Cavalera
Songtrust client since 2019

"Every aspiring professional musician needs a dedicated and attentive team when it comes to collecting global publishing royalties. I'm pleased with Songtrust's excellent customer service and was impressed at how quickly they started collecting royalties on my behalf."

Griffith Frank
Songtrust client since 2016

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