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Ready to learn more about music publishing? Need to brush up on some key information? We have the knowledge and the resources to get you there. 

Access our handy checklists, download free industry guides, and utilize the many additional resources we have available to help you make better-informed decisions about your career.

The Modern Guide to Music Publishing

Sometimes you need a 40-page guide to help you navigate through the complexities of music publishing. Sometimes you just need to know a resource like that is available to you when you do need it. Whether you need it now or later, download our free Modern Guide to Music Publishing for all your publishing needs.

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Music Manager Packet

Whether you're building your team or are a manager looking to better support your clients, this packet is for you. With this packet, understand the role and responsibilities that a music manager entails, and learn what important questions to know when looking at adding a music manager to your team.

Download our packet today.

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Downloadable Resources

Checklists & Packets

Free, downloadable resources

Learn the basics of music publishing and access downloadable resources to help you stay organized.

Resources include:

  • Split Sheet Template
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • Song Registration Checklist
  • And more...

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Video Resources

Songtrust Video Center

Free virtual resources

Find all the resources you need to learn about music publishing, common industry terms, and to help level-up your music career.

Video segments include:

  • Bi-weekly live, virtual workshops
  • Ask-Me-Anything Interviews
  • Infographic Videos
  • Educational Webinars
  • and more...

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Stay connected

Stay Connected

Useful level-up resources

Stay connected to Songtrust news, music industry insights, and more with these additional resources aimed at helping you level-up your career.

Ways to stay ahead:

  • Weekly Songtrust Newsletter
  • Songtrust Blog
  • Royalty Estimator
  • Music Publishing Crash Course
  • And more...

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