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KATO ON THE TRACK is a successful Music Producer/Entrepreneur that's worked with Multi-Platinum and Grammy-Nominated Artists like Joyner Lucas, Tory Lanez, K Camp, Wu-Tang Clan, Hopsin, B.o.B, Dizzy Wright and etc.

Before Songtrust, KATO ON THE TRACK was bound to another publishing company through his record deal. With his lack of knowledge about music publishing KATO ON THE TRACK did not know he was collecting a small portion of his royalties. Due the lack of transparency from his publisher he was often confused about where his royalties were coming from.

Fortunately, for KATO ON THE TRACK his record contract ended and therefore, so did his publishing. Having the option to forge a new agreement with his publisher, KATO ON THE TRACK decided to  explore other options.

Leveraging his network, KATO ON THE TRACK heard about Songtrust from Abe Batshon of BeatStars. After analyzing his situation, he decided that Songtrust was his best option due to their transparency, control and ease of use.  After building a relationship with our client acquisition team, he learned that he could collect royalties for his entire musical catalog.




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Partnering with Songtrust, Kato discovered new sources of revenue for his music, giving him a 523% boost in royalties. Now he is able to keep abreast of all his global earnings in one location using the Songtrust platform, giving him more time to spend creating music.

An overall growth in his career, collecting from new revenue sources, community access (networking, collaborating, etc), increase in his publishing knowledge through our educational programs

In addition to becoming an advocate for Songtrust, the company supported him on while he worked with the MEC (Music Entrepreneur Club) and on his newest endeavor, the Sound Advice tour, this year which is an exclusive opportunity for producers to go over the perils and pitfalls of music publishing, as well as get valuable feedback on their music. 




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