Whatever stage you are at in your career, make sure you’re properly collecting royalties for your work anywhere it’s used—while keeping and controlling 100 percent of the rights to your songs.

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New writers, Grammy-winning writers, bands, artists, producers—Songtrust empowers creators of all kinds to take complete ownership of their publishing royalties. Our automated, cloud-based, self-service platform helps you save time and lower the cost of administration which will help you save money while maximizing your returns.

Collect with the Same Efficiency as a Traditional Publishing Deal, Without Giving Up Any of Your Copyright

Traditional publishers are looking for guaranteed major hits and songs that they can own or co-own. Songtrust gives you the flexibility to access everything you’re earning and make decisions about your career from an informed, empowered place.


Simple setup: Register your songs in minutes and reduce the time you spend on administration.


Efficient royalties: Let us handle licensing with major digital service providers and more than 60 societies covering more than 95 percent of income-generating territories.


Transparent accounting: View interactive royalty statements, see the status of song and songwriter registrations, and more.

Publishing Complexities Made Simple

Register your account, add your songs, and start collecting as we register them with our global network. Our self-service platform makes it easy for you to collect from as many channels as possible with minimal effort. We register your songs with more than 50 performance, mechanical, and digital societies and regularly review those registrations. If you have any technical hang-ups, support is available via chat, phone, or email.

"The Songtrust team are a joy to work with. Welcoming, friendly, and supportive every step of the way. They're a team who are very passionate about the music and rights of songwriters and go above and beyond to educate, too."

Emma McGann
Songtrust client since 2018

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Find out why 350,000+ songwriters and publishers trust us with more than 3 million songs.

Insights for CREATORS

Songtrust -Modern Guide to Music Publishing

Take control of your publishing. Maximize Songtrust for your songs and business.

We created this guide to answer a simple question: How do songwriters support themselves?

The answer is not as simple as we’d like, but our goal is to make it as clear, transparent and understandable as we possibly can.

Songtrust is more than just a rights management platform and publishing administrator - we’re a team of experts in the music community who strive to educate, support, and provide thought leadership to creators, representatives, and businesses across the music industry.

Our hope is that you’ll finish this guide with a better understanding of the fundamentals of publishing and have actionable resources to help you be successful.

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