We make it simple to find and collect ALL of your royalties.

Collect Your Publishing Royalties From Every Corner of the World

Songtrust makes global royalty collection easy for independent artists. We start by monitoring your catalog — no matter how big or small — for streaming and royalty activity. As soon as your songs hit certain activity thresholds, we'll register them where they're earning in 215 countries and territories around the world. We ensure the comprehensive collection of all the publishing income generated by your songs.

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Own Your Music.
Own Your Career.

It doesn’t matter who you are or who you know. We believe you should own your music – it’s your most valuable asset! So, with Songtrust, you keep 100% of your copyrights. We’ve got your back when it comes to music publishing royalties, and you call the shots on every other step of your music career.

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One Simple and Easy-To-Use Online Platform

Monitoring and collecting your royalties from around the world is a full-time job. Songtrust does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Our user-friendly software and dashboard allow you to quickly add your songs in one place and track all your publishing royalties at a glance. So you can stay in the loop and focus on your next masterpiece.

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Hans_Watkins Songtrust Publishing Administration Testimonial

“It was really easy to fill in the details about my songs and getting a big payoff a few months later was honestly so exciting. It's wild how much money is left on the table if you don't do the work to affiliate with societies like Songtrust...My quarterly earnings from Spotify have doubled since affiliating with Songtrust!”


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