Songtrust is uniquely equipped to enable rightsholders of all sizes to access world-class global publishing administration across our broad direct collection network.

Whether you are a boutique publisher looking for admin support, a management company, law firm, or business manager administering multiple client catalogs, or a record label who wants to offer publishing to benefit your artists - Songtrust is for you.

We offer flexible terms and business-friendly rates for our best-in-class global administration service. Songtrust collects performance and mechanical revenue directly from our over 60 partners around the world, including DSPs, multi-territorial digital rights aggregators with streamlined operations, and global collection societies.

With Songtrust, you and your writers will be collecting directly where their royalties are earned, rather than having to rely on reciprocal agreements and their additional royalty cuts and registration and payment delays.

Songtrust provides quarterly accounting with clear, easy-to-understand royalty statements that can be viewed using multiple filters and sorting mechanisms, as well as exported into file formats that are compatible with any accounting system. 

When Songtrust is managing your global royalty registration and collection, you’re able to focus on growing your business, developing your artists’ careers, and changing lives.

Access what you’re due.