We are committed to advocating for better mental health resources for independent artists.

Songtrust believes in helping ensure that independent artists, and the employees of the organizations that serve them, have access to actionable mental health resources. Below is a collection of organizations and resources to support and empower the music industry at large to invest and advocate for mental health in the music industry. 


  • Founded in 2020 by Dr. Chayim Newman and Zack Borer as an expansion of their work with music industry professionals, Amber Health provides comprehensive, evidence-based mental health services for all sectors of the music industry, highlighting the human experience of those who work in it. Learn more. 

  • Backline is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that connects music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources. We want to build a safer and more supportive music industry by helping our community access quality mental health care providers that understand this line of work. Learn more.

  • Equilibrium is a conversation series hosted by music industry health coaches Marni Wandner and Nicole Blonder. Learn more

  • As a non-profit membership organization, the FAM is a movement that aims to break down the unhealthy and negative stereotypes and perpetuate the healthy stereotypes of the music industry. Our philosophy is that this approach will lead to a more accessible music industry, more mentally healthy artists and professionals, and ultimately, more positive music for our audience. Learn more.

  • Music Health Alliance is a nonprofit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to providing healthcare advocacy and support services to music industry professionals. Founded in 2013 by Tatum Allsep (MCA Records), the organization aims to address the unique healthcare challenges faced by individuals working in the music industry, including artists, musicians, songwriters, and other industry personnel. Learn more.

  • MusiCares helps the humans behind music because music gives so much to the world. Offering preventive, emergency, and recovery programs, MusiCares is a safety net supporting the health and welfare of the music community. Founded by the Recording Academy in 1989 as a U.S. based, independent 501(c)(3) charity, MusiCares safeguards the well-being of all music people through direct financial grant programs, networks of support resources, and tailored crisis relief efforts. Learn more.

  • The Mental Health Coalition was formed with the understanding that the mental health crisis is fueled by a pervasive and devastating stigma, preventing millions of individuals from being able to seek the critical treatment they need.

    We envision a world in which mental health is not associated with stigma, shame or judgement and all people feel empowered to openly discuss and address their individual mental health needs.

    We are a coalition of the leading mental health organizations, brands, and individuals who have joined forces to end the stigma surrounding mental health and to change the way people talk about, and care for, mental illness. Learn more

  • Caring for the minds that make the music you love. We are committed to supporting the mental health of music communities everywhere. Learn more. 

  • With a focus on musicians, Nuçi’s Space advocates for and helps to alleviate the suffering for those living with a brain illness and fights to end the stigma of mental illness. To accomplish their mission, Nuçi’s Space maintains a health and resource center for musicians as a safe space to seek support and guidance, provides access to affordable, obstacle-free professional care, actively participates in treatment and educates about awareness, prevention and the risk factors of brain illnesses. Learn more.

  • RAMPD's mission is to amplify Disability Culture, promote equitable inclusion and advocate for accessibility in the music industry. RAMPD connects the music, entertainment and event industries to a fast-growing global network of established music professionals with disabilities. Founded in May of 2021 by award-winning recording artist and advocate Lachi, RAMPD came about after a public talk between the Recording Academy and several disabled artists revealed that there is a serious lack of visibility, access, and representation for professional disabled artists. Learn more

  • Silence the Shame, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating mental health stigma, reducing health disparities, and improving rates of suicide among vulnerable populations. Through community conversations, compelling content, and culturally responsive programs, we aim to normalize the conversation, peel back the layers of shame, and promote mental wellness for vulnerable and disparate population groups, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ+), individuals in high-stress jobs, older adults and rural communities. Silence the Shame was branded to eliminate the shame and stigma of mental health challenges. Learn more. 

  • Your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) collects performance royalties in its home territory. While they are able to collect international royalties, they do so through reciprocal deals with foreign PROs which often result in delayed registrations, if the songs are able to get registered at all. This can also cause delayed and incomplete royalty statements from foreign territories.

    We register your works directly with PROs around the world in order to collect your royalties directly from the territories in which they were generated. This helps you get paid quicker, and receive more detailed royalty statements.

    In addition, your PRO does not collect mechanical royalties generated from sales/streams. We are affiliated with mechanical collection societies and directly with some digital services in order to collect your mechanical royalties internationally.

    Check out a current list of our global collection list here


  • We can all help prevent suicide. The 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals in the United States. Learn more.

  • A global not-for-profit organization providing free confidential crisis intervention via SMS message. The organization's services are available 24 hours a day, every day, throughout the US, UK, and Canada and can be reached by texting HOME to 741741 (US), 85258 (UK), or 686868 (Canada). Learn more

  • Download our free mental health & wellness guide to help you better understand and manage your mental health and wellness. Download now

  • How can we add to the dialogue that’s going on around mental health in ways that are more conversational and less prescriptive? We reached out to three Songtrust clients: Fresh C, P La Cangri, and Lady Nade to learn more. Read now.

  • How do you survive and thrive in one of the world’s most chaotic and cutthroat industries? What works? What’s worth trying? Thanks to Songtrust clients AdELA and Derek Pope, we got some good insights and practical tips. Read now

  • This guide will give you some ideas to move more for your mental health as well as tips on how to get the best mental health benefit from the movement you’re doing. Learn more

  • A comprehensive roadmap crafted by The Mental Health Coalition, with a primary focus on enhancing mental health in the workplace. It meticulously lays out actionable strategies and insightful recommendations designed to empower employers in fostering the mental well-being of their employees. Learn more

  • The language we use is powerful, so let's talk about it. If you feel a bit unsure about what language to use when describing mental health, you are not alone. This information is intended as a guide for people to talk about mental health in a safe manner. The content does not replace the relationship between you and your doctor or other healthcare professionals. Download now

  • Good mental health is essential to living happy and healthy lives. See 7 areas of life where simple changes can make a big difference. Why not start today? Read more


  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-14 years old. One in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. It takes people an average of 10 years from when symptoms start to receive an accurate diagnosis and care. So while most people wait until their mental health is suffering to start investing in it why not start now? What’s the worst that can happen? You start to feel better?

    Lindsay is widely regarded as one of the trailblazers in modern mental health prevention and de-stigmatization work on TikTok. She is a licensed therapist, private practice owner, keynote speaker, podcast host, non-profit co-founder, and content creator.

    She is not afraid to talk about her own mental health struggles and has empowered her community of over half a million to start putting their mental health first. Her work has been featured as a segment on The Today Show and in The New York Times, Vice News, Counseling Today, and more. We all have mental health, what are you doing to take care of yours? Watch now

  • Today, mental health is discussed more openly than ever when it comes to the workplace and creativity. With stars like Demi Lovato, Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, and James Blake all sharing their struggles with mental illness, whether in song, interview, or public statements, it feels like the public conversation about musicians and mental health has opened up in the past few years. But these conversations can be difficult, and often resources and strategies for coping aren't immediately available.

    Join Songtrust's Taylor French as well as special guests AdELA, Elliot Aronow, and Nicole Blonder (Equilibrium) for an honest and open discussion about how the way mental health is approached in the music industry has changed over the last few years and how you can build a more sustainable and healthy creator lifestyle. Watch now

  • According to a survey by Record Union, 73% of independent music makers suffer from symptoms of mental illness, and that anxiety and depression were the most commonly experienced negative emotions in relation to music creation. Listen in to an important conversation we had with Marni Wandner, the Co-Founder of Equilibium in observance of #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. Understand how breath, proper nutrition, mindful media exposure, exercise, routine, and sleep all play a part in our wellbeing. Watch now. 

  • Join our guest panelists, Mandy Morris, AdELA, and Tom Middleton as we we open up a dialogue to discuss the most common mental health issues -- stress, anxiety and depression -- that songwriters and creators face today and share tips and resources for coping with them. Watch now