Find Your Local PRO or CMO By Territory or Country

Songwriters must be a member of a collection society before working with Songtrust. Use the database below to find your local Performing Rights Organization (PRO) or Collective Management Organization (CMO), and become a member today. The information provided is pulled from CISAC and updated regularly. 


The collection society in this territory is: APA (Autores Paraguayos Asociados)

What type of collection society are they?

What royalties do they collect?

You can find more information about this collection society and become a member directly, HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At present, Songtrust does not have a direct agreement established with this society. Nonetheless, we do maintain a reciprocal agreement with these societies, ensuring that we still maintain a connection to this specific society. These reciprocal agreements are essentially data-sharing agreements that simply send your song registrations from one society to another, with the potential for data-matching issues or delays in the process.

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