Find Your Local PRO or CMO By Territory or Country

Songwriters must be a member of a collection society before working with Songtrust. Use the database below to find your local Performing Rights Organization (PRO) or Collective Management Organization (CMO), and become a member today. The information provided is pulled from CISAC and updated regularly. 


The collection societies in this territory are: JASRAC (日本音楽著作権協会) and NEXTONE (株式会社NexTone)

What type of collection society are they?

What royalties do they collect?

Please note that PROs only collect performance royalties and CMOs collect both performance and mechanical royalties. You can find more information about these collection societies and become a member directly below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time, Songtrust is not directly associated with NEXTONE. This means that we are unable to register your works or collect royalties on your behalf from this specific society directly - you will need to do so independently of Songtrust.

However, we can register and collect any royalties you earn in the territories it is earning in that we are operational with. For a list of our direct relationships, click here.

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