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Sam Valenti IV

Ghostly label boss and publisher, who knows how hard it is to figure out the back office of publishing. 


How Songtrust helped Sam:

  • Songtrust registered his song worldwide
  • Filed back claims with multiple societies, alerted them to the over 30 different recordings(along with their ISRC's and UPC's) associated with the composition.
  • Fixed various conflicts across societies and on Youtube
  • Saved him tens of hours of back and forth and earned him over $7,000

Songtrust client since 2012.


An unsigned artist who got picked up on Spotify's Mellow Beats and Discover Weekly.

"Every aspiring professional musician needs a dedicated and attentive team when it comes to collecting global publishing royalties. I'm pleased with Songtrust's excellent customer service and was impressed at how quickly they started collecting royalties on my behalf"


How Songtrust helped LRKR:

  • Accrued Millions of streams with no publishing
  • Songtrust has already found $1500+ via retroactive mechanical collection 

Songtrust client since March 2016



Seth Herman

Artist Manager and founder of Rootfire.net

"Songtrust streamlined publishing income for the artists I manage. The income is real and the musicians can see it."

How Songtrust helped Seth:

  • Setup and Registered songs of his clients on his behalf.
  • Helped collect tens of thousands of royalites for his clients.
  • Saved him time, money and let him focus on running his business.

Songtrust client since 2013

Trouble Andrew 

Recording Artist and songwriter for Santigold and others

"Songtrust supports indie artists like myself and understands what we need to succeed and have the tools to make it happen.”


Songtrust client since 2012


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