Find out what publishing royalties your songs may have earned.

Songtrust’s Royalty Estimator uses available data to estimate what streaming royalties your songs may have earned in US & Canada only. Note that in order to use the royalty estimator, your song must be available on Spotify, though our estimates cover all US/Canada streaming sources.

Our estimates are based on data for the US & Canada only. 
If your song has significant presence outside of these two countries, this estimate could be lower than the actual royalties out there. Check out Songtrust's global collection network, which covers 98% of the global music market, to see how we make sure you're covered, wherever your songs are played.
The estimate includes everything your songs may have earned to date, not just royalties that are unpaid
Anything you've collected before from your PRO or a prior publisher will be included in this estimated number - meaning that not everything included in this estimate is necessarily still owed to you.
Your estimate includes life to date sales, streaming, and usage data. 
Because there is a limit to how far back retroactive royalties can be collected, your estimate may include some royalties that are no longer available. More about unallocated royalties (a.k.a. "black box" royalties) here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We analyze your streams in the US and Canada and determine what you might be owed based on our catalog's historical mechanical royalties averages. 

  • We help creators and businesses collect music publishing royalties from across the world. You can learn more about our global royalty collection services here. 

  • We strive to have the calculation emailed to you within one business day.

More questions? Contact us! We are happy to help you in your music publishing journey.