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Kato On The Track

Record producer and entrepreneur

Songtrust client since 2018.
Take a look at his journey with Songtrust.


"Songtrust is one of the most important assets for any songwriter, artist, or producer when it comes to collecting royalties. Their platform was built with the creator in mind which is key whether you’re making music in a bedroom or on the charts."

Emma McGann


Songtrust client since 2018

"The Songtrust team are a joy to work with. Welcoming, friendly, and supportive every step of the way. They're a team who are very passionate about the music and rights of songwriters and go above and beyond to educate, too."

Griffith Frank


Songtrust client since 2016
Take a look at Griffith's journey with Songtrust.

"To say Songtrust has been a vital service to me as an independent songwriter is a huge understatement. I cannot stress enough to any unpublished songwriter that they must work with an administrator to properly collect all their royalties, and I'm so glad I chose to work with Songtrust."

Sam Valenti IV

Founder of Ghostly International

Songtrust client since 2012

When Sam joined Songtrust to have us handle the back office of publishing, we:

  • Registered his song worldwide.
  • Filed back claims with multiple societies, alerted them to 30+ different recordings (along with their ISRCs and UPCs) associated with the composition.
  • Fixed various conflicts across societies and on YouTube.
  • Saved him hours of back and forth.
  • Claimed thousands of dollars he was owed.



Songtrust client since 2016




“Every aspiring professional musician needs a dedicated and attentive team when it comes to collecting global publishing royalties. I'm pleased with Songtrust's excellent customer service and was impressed at how quickly they started collecting royalties on my behalf.”

Seth Herman

Songtrust client since 2013

Songtrust helped Seth, an artist manager and founder of Rootfire, to:

  • Set up and register his clients’ songs.
  • Save time and money, allowing him to focus on running his business.
"Songtrust streamlined publishing income for the artists I manage. The income is real and the musicians can see it."

Trouble Andrew

Songtrust client since 2012

"Songtrust supports indie artists like me and understands what we need to succeed and has the tools to make it happen.”

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