Songtrust works for every songwriter and business.

You don't need to be a hitmaker to take advantage of our fair and friendly deal terms. We like to think
Songtrust is a solid publishing deal for music makers and professionals at any stage of their career.

Songtrust Terms

Traditional Publishing Deal

Deal Length

Songtrust Cancel any time after one year.

Traditional Publishing Deal: 3+ years.


Songtrust: Pays 4x per year.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Pays only 2x per year.


Songtrust: Register only the songs you want Songtrust to represent.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Generally required to register all of your songs written prior to or during the term.


Songtrust: Keep 100% ownership of your copyright.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Give publisher 25-50% of your copyright for life.

Sync Rights

Control your sync rights.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Give up sync rights for publisher to exclusively license.

Sync Fees

Songtrust: You keep all the front-end, we help you collect only the back-end performance royalties.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Take a % of all syncs front-end and back-end.


Leave anytime after your first year.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Locked into fixed term.




One-time setup fee per Songtrust writer

15% Royalty Comission