Get paid as soon as 2 quarters after registration.

If you register songs on Jan 1 and they get performed that month, you could get music publishing payments as soon as June 30 for some income sources - specifically earnings from YouTube and several other digital services. We pay out quarterly, 90 days after the close of a quarter.


Traditional Publisher


Songtrust: Pays 4x per year.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Pays only 2x per year.

Song Delivery

Songtrust: Songs are typically inspected and sent the same week(as long as other paperwork is done).

Traditional Publishing Deal: Monthly or quarterly shipments when they find time.

Direct Licensing

Songtrust:Cuts out middlemen that add delays from payments by going direct.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Rely on 3rd parties that add delays.

Direct Affiliations

Songtrust: Directly affiliated with over 40 societies around the world.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Rely on sub publishers and reciprocal deals adding up to 2+ years to see royalties.

Sync Fees

Songtrust: You keep all the front-end, we help you collect only the back-end performance royalties.

Traditional Publishing Deal: Take a % of all syncs front-end and back-end.


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