An Inside Look at Songtrust

    Our very own Co-Founder and General Manager, Joe Conyers III, sat down with Julia Pernicone, Publishing Operations Manager, for an inside look at Songtrust. In our first Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) video feature, Joe gave us a deeper look at what Songtrust does - who we help and how we're changing the music publishing space - and answered frequently asked questions prompted by our community.

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    Being A Successful DIY Creator

    With the resources and technology available in today's day and age, being a DIY creator is more doable than ever before. For our first AMA of 2020, we shared tips and tricks on being successful as an independent creator in the music industry.

  • AMA

    Business Partner for Creatives

    In the last AMA of 2019, we sat down with our President and answered any questions about how Songtrust can be the business partner for creators.

  • AMA

    Micro Sync & Video Royalties

    In this AMA, we discussed YouTube and Micro-sync royalties, including how to ensure your publishing is set up to collect your owed royalties.

  • AMA

    Music Publishing Acronyms

    If you haven't noticed, in the world of #musicpublishing we have quite a few acronyms for what we do -- IPI, ISRC, CMO, LOD, etc. Don't let industry acronyms and jargon scare you away from understanding how music publishing and royalty collection works.

  • AMA

    Song Registration

    In this AMA, we cover questions about song registration and how to be set up for global royalty collection.

  • AMA

    Songtrust vs Traditional Publishing

    In this AMA, we answered questions on the differences between publishing administration (like Songtrust) and traditional publishers.

  • AMA

    Split Sheets & Co-Writing

    In this AMA, we discussed questions about collaborating and having the discussion about split sheets.

  • AMA

    What is Songtrust?

    Understand our core mission here at Songtrust as a publishing administrator in our latest AMA where we answered your questions about how Songtrust can unlock access to the royalties you're owed worldwide.

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