Help your clients in a way that works for you and them. Offering some of the world’s most writer-friendly terms, Songtrust can publish and administer your clients’ songs, no matter where they are in their careers.

Connect With the Most Extensive, Accessible Publishing Network in the Industry

Songtrust can help you collect royalties from 50+ performance, mechanical, and digital licensing organizations, plus streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, and YouTube/Google Music.

Take Greater Control of the Publishing Process

A streamlined and efficient way to administer song publishing workflows, Songtrust opens up new revenue opportunities. Collect for B-sides or other unsigned songs while finding new sources of royalties for previously published works.


Flexibility: Make sure your clients don’t miss out on any money as you negotiate new deals or shop for larger ones.


Cost-Effectiveness: Benefit from low registration and commission fees—without having to give up rights.

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Accuracy: Know exactly where your royalties are coming from. We link ISWCs to ISRCs to ensure better collections.

Let Us Handle the Back-Office Work

Spend more time building successful relationships with your clients and less time on administration. With a simple, self-service platform, Songtrust saves you time while giving you complete insight into royalty collection and income tracking.

"Songtrust is one of the most important assets for any songwriter, artist, or producer when it comes to collecting royalties. Their platform was built with the creator in mind which is key whether you’re making music in a bedroom or on the charts."

Kato On The Track
Record producer and entrepreneur
Songtrust client since 2018

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See how easy it is to collect your publishing royalties with our self-service platform.

Why Songtrust?

Find out why 350,000+ songwriters and publishers trust us with more than 3 million songs.

Insights for Songwriter Reps

Songtrust -Modern Guide to Music Publishing

Take control of your publishing. Maximize Songtrust for your songs and business.

We created this guide to answer a simple question: How do songwriters support themselves?

The answer is not as simple as we’d like, but our goal is to make it as clear, transparent and understandable as we possibly can.

Songtrust is more than just a rights management platform and publishing administrator - we’re a team of experts in the music community who strive to educate, support, and provide thought leadership to creators, representatives, and businesses across the music industry.

Our hope is that you’ll finish this guide with a better understanding of the fundamentals of publishing and have actionable resources to help you be successful.

Access what you’re due.