YouTube Monitor

Take control of your YouTube royalties

Songtrust's YouTube Monitor


A Cover of Your Song

Find out when someone covers your work.

Our monitoring tool searches YouTube for relevant covers of your work, so you can start collecting your share of the royalties as soon as the video is posted.

A Live Recording

Know when clips of your performances appear online.

We’ll show you videos of your performances, and email you when they’re going viral on YouTube.



Monitor and Collect Royalties From YouTube

Find cover songs and videos from your gigs.

Songtrust goes above and beyond YouTube's Content ID melody matching, to make sure you're getting the maximum royalties paid on your work. Using our proprietary YouTube monitoring tools, we keep an eye out for any use of your songs within videos across YouTube. We identify potential matches for you to review, and our system gets smarter with every approval or denial. 

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