Making sure your songs stay registered and up to date.

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Song Registration

Register each song around the world in a click

Whether you have one song or an entire catalog, we’ve made it quick and easy to get set up. Save tons of time by registering once with Songtrust, and we'll register your songs globally.

Society Registration Reviews

Get a little extra sleep at night

We regularly review song registrations at societies making sure registrations are still intact. We regularly fix errors caused by clerical errors at societies or by your co-writers or co-publishers.


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Recording Metadata

Capture data right from the source

We enable you to pick out your recordings and covers of your songs. This ensures proper royalty collection by getting ISRCs and exact title data right from Digital Service Providers like Spotify.

Digital Income Tracking

Maximize your songwriting and publishing royalties

Our composition to recording links make sure you get paid more accurately. When you register a song, you’ll be asked to add any recordings of that song, as well as any covers by other artists. We will deliver these to digital services and societies to ensure that your works are properly registered.
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