Songtrust helps distributors administer their customers music publishing rights efficiently.

Trusted by leading distributors and music companies like CDbaby, The Orchard, Distrokid, Avid and more.

Features And Benefits

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Efficient And Quick

Fast accounting and song registration.

With quarterly accounting and an established international collection network, your clients will earn more money faster.

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Increased Revenue

Diversify your income from new signup fees

Publishing is a great upsell for artists you distribute, we've seen conversion rates as high as 35%.

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Recapture up to 20% of Artist income

Save royalties from the black box

Our collection network spans over 42 societies covering over 95% of income generating territories, enable your clients to start collecting the publishing royalties you know they are owed.

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Cost Effective

Starting your own publisher costs millions

The complex nature of music publishing, combined with the inherent need to have existing meaningful copyrights makes it incredibly difficult to create a global publishing network.


Remove Digital Complexity

Publishing today is more complex than ever, our team efficiently handles licensing with major digital service providers.


Collection and Income tracking

Our technology and scale have enabled us to collect royalties with a high degree of accuracy. We also link ISWC’s to ISRC to insure better collections.

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Ability to Scale 

Our service now powers over 100,000 songwriters, 15,000 publishers, and represents over a million songs - making Songtrust already the largest publisher by volume.


Great Support & Training

We provide sales and marketing training as well as training for your staff to handle "level 1" questions with our support staff ready to answer any more difficult "level 2" questions.

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