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Olivia Reid

Performing Artist, Songwriter, Producer, and Sound Engineer

"As a self-managed and self-released artist, there are some royalties out there that are just wildly difficult to collect on your own. Songtrust has become an extension of my team, by collecting those royalties that would’ve otherwise never found their way to me. It’s also allowed me to continue to do international work - writing with artists all over the world - and know that Songtrust will help me chase the funds that come from that work."

Jeremy "Backpack" Miller

Award-Winning Multi-Platinum Music Producer

"I am able to live off just my royalties alone now! I was collecting money prior to my Songtrust situation, but it was only income from my PRO and a few YouTube videos. My international royalties have increased and I collect from all sources now, not just YouTube...I would not be able to produce music and run my own publishing company without Songtrust's help."

Gloria Cavalera

Head of Oasis Mgmt (Representing Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, Killer Be Killer, Incite, Lody Kong, and Healing Magic)

"There is so much to learn with publishing and it is very confusing. I followed a path of many different agreements, learning as much as I could, and trusting someone who took me under their wing and led me to Songtrust."