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Register all or some of your songs in one place. Reduce redundancies and keep all your information organized in your Songtrust Dashboard.


Access the largest network of over 60 pay sources and collection societies in over 245 countries to collect all your publishing royalties.


Get in-depth royalty statements to better understand where your royalty revenues are coming from and influence business decisions about your creator career.

Music Publishing 101

These 30-minute live sessions empower attendees to gain a better understanding of DIY music publishing. Led by our team of publishing specialists, you'll leave understanding the role publishing plays in your revenue collection, the breakdown of an original song (master recording vs. composition), and all the necessary components to determine if and when you need publishing. 

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How Do I Know Which Songs I Have Publishing Rights For?

What makes a song “yours”? And when we ask this, we're talking about copyright ownership. For anyone who has been brought to tears by the Queen performing "Halo" live will credit Beyoncé herself with making the song what it is, but the songwriting picture is more complex. Head to the Songtrust blog to learn more.

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Songtrust Spotlights: Pride Month

During the month of June, we spoke to some of Songtrust's inspiring clients from the LGBTQ+ community about their careers and their musical journeys. Hear the stories these clients had to share:

- Fhernando
- Giungla
- OutLoud
- Claud
- Davis Mallory
- Mista Strange


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Digital Service Providers (DSPs) Explained

For most music creators, making their music available where people can listen to it is a crucial step towards making a living as an artist. And, with a lot of online distribution options, it’s never been easier to get one’s music onto digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple, Deezer, and so many more - which are also known as Digital Service Providers (DSPs). Learn about the importance of DSPs around the world on our blog.

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Modern Guide to Music Publishing

This virtual guide will help you set yourself apart as a creator and help you better understand how your song earns money.

Split Sheet Template Download

Get a simple agreement, you and your co-writers can avoid any ambiguity when the music royalties start rolling in.

Royalties Checklist

Ensure you are fully covered for global royalty collection and understand the different royalty types.

Additional Resources

Head over to our resources center for additional templates and tips to keep you on top of your music publishing.

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