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Songathon connects songwriters with the tools and resources they need to be successful at every stage in their careers by hosting the only in-person songwriting competition that brings together songwriters for eventful weekends of collaboration, competition, and mentorship. 

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Producers, Placements, and Publishing

We dive deeper into why producers are becoming the new songwriters and what not to overlook about your publishing.

The Modern Guide to Music Publishing

Set yourself apart -- download our publishing guide to better understand how your song earns money around the world.

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CJ Olivieri
CJ Olivieri
Associate Director, Client Acquisition


Dec. 7
2:30 - How to Collect Your Royalties as an Artist
A quick overview of how royalties are generated and how creators can access these multiple revenue sources. This workshop will be interactive -- allowing attendees to ask questions and get answers direct from publishing experts.


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