Music Publishing 101 Sessions

Learn the basics of music publishing and get access to vital resources in our weekly virtual workshop, Music Publishing 101.

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Songtrust's AMA with Joe Conyers III

Sit down with our General Manager and Co-Founder, Joe Conyers III, as he speaks with Julia Pernicone, Publishing Operations Manager, to talk about Songtrust and what we've been working on in this exclusive Ask-Me-Anything video.

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Songtrust presents Songwriter's Success webinar
Hear the ins and outs of having a successful songwriting career with our music publishing experts in our first-ever webinar. 
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Songtrust presents Music Publishing 101 webinar
Get a deeper understanding about what music publishing is and why you need as well as information on copyrights, royalties, Youtube and see a demo of the Songtrust platform.
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Songtrust presents The World of Music Publishing Royalties webinar
Interested in learning more about music publishing royalties? Over the course of five sessions, our publishing specialists go in depth on topics such as streaming and YouTube royalties, and give you a sneak peek at the Songtrust Royalty Dashboard.
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Songtrust presents Songtrust's Community Webinar
Are you a new client or thinking of becoming one? Do you know all the resources available to you either pre or post registration? Learn more about the goals behind the Songtrust community from what all we have to offer to our clients to how we can support you as you're building your career.
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Songtrust's Songwriter Checklist
Are you a creator and decided that creating content is your full-time career, but don't know where to start? Join us in learning first-hand the basics of the music business and how to stay organized as you set yourself up for a successful creator career.
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The Co-Writing Experience Webinar
Do you often work with multiple writers when working on a song? Or do you occasionally collaborate on a new piece of work? In this webinar, we talk about what a co-writer is and what you need to know when working with multiple writers.
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Songtrust's Where Are My Royalties? Webinar
In this webinar, we take a deeper dive into misallocated, retroactive, and black box royalties - from how they occur to how to avoid your royalties from getting lost.
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Songtrust's Success by Setlists Webinar

In this webinar, we discuss with our own performing creator team members and get a better understanding of performance royalties earned off live performances and the setlists you submit.

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Songtrust presents The Publishing Journey web

In this webinar, we discuss what music publishing is and why it's vital to a creator's career, as well as breakdown the publishing timeline so you understand when to expect your royalty payments.

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Monetizing Your Lyrics Webinar

In this webinar, our team discusses how your lyrics can be used as an additional revenue stream and how you’d go about utilizing your publishing to best exploit your lyrics. 

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Building Your Brand: Making Meaningful Connections in the Music Industry Webinar

In this webinar, our business development team brought their experiences and insight to networking in the music industry and creating meaningful connections as you build our your career. 

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Songwriting 101 Webinar

In this webinar, our own creator team members discuss the basics of a song, discuss obstacles and wins when using co-writers, and how to ensure your publishing is in order for all the work you've done (and will do!) for your songs. 

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