Collect Music Royalties with SONECA

The National Society of Publishers, Composers and Authors (SONECA) is the organization responsible for musical copyright in the Democratic of Congo. Created in December of 1969 by President Mobutu, the role of Soneca is to ensure the protection of works of the mind in the literary, scientific and artistic field; whatever the value, the destination, the mode or the form of expression.



What is Music Publishing?

Music Publishing is the business of protecting and promoting song copyrights and collecting the royalties that these copyrights generate. Think of a song as intellectual property (it's an original piece of art!), and music publishing as the business that makes sure that songwriters get paid a fair compensation when their intellectual property is used by companies. Those companies could be record labels (mechanical royalties), radio stations, bars, and restaurants (performance royalties), or film studios and advertising agencies (sync license fees), and many more.