Collect Music Royalties with RAO

Ę"Russian Authors' Society" (RAO) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation established by the authors and other rightholders for the management of their rights on a collective basis. Through all its history Russian Authors' Society has been facilitating and giving momentum to creative activity, development of education, culture and art. It ensures that authors get economic benefits from the usage of their works, and also serves to the achievement of the harmonic balance between the exclusive property rights of authors and the interests of the society. Taking into account contracts with authors, state accreditation and reciprocal representation agreements with foreign collective management organizations (CMOs), today RAO represents over 26,000 local authors and rightholders and 2,000,000 foreign ones.

Types of Royalties

Performance and Mechanical

What is Music Publishing?

Music Publishing is the business of protecting and promoting song copyrights and collecting the royalties that these copyrights generate. Think of a song as intellectual property (it's an original piece of art!), and music publishing as the business that makes sure that songwriters get paid a fair compensation when their intellectual property is used by companies. Those companies could be record labels (mechanical royalties), radio stations, bars, and restaurants (performance royalties), or film studios and advertising agencies (sync license fees), and many more.