Collect Music Royalties with MESAM

Musical Work Owners' Association of Turkey, or MESAM, protects the copyrighted works of its members. It is one of the first four professional associations established in Turkey, and is also the first professional union in the field of musical works. Today, MESAM continues to fulfill its duties as a pioneering professional association with the power it has acquired from the owners of the works for the settlement of copyright consciousness in Turkey, and the elimination of any unauthorized use.



Types of Royalties


What is Music Publishing?

Music Publishing is the business of protecting and promoting song copyrights and collecting the royalties that these copyrights generate. Think of a song as intellectual property (it's an original piece of art!), and music publishing as the business that makes sure that songwriters get paid a fair compensation when their intellectual property is used by companies. Those companies could be record labels (mechanical royalties), radio stations, bars, and restaurants (performance royalties), or film studios and advertising agencies (sync license fees), and many more.